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In 2253, humanity discovered Warp Shunt technology and left Earth to make contact with the great and advanced minds that they were convinced must be out there and found...  Nothing.  There was no great galactic federation waiting to welcome them as the newest spacefaring race, and no advanced civilisation for them to contact - humanity was the first race to travel among the stars.  Within a decade, human explorers had found multiple species that were nearing spacefaring technology themselves, and the Human Galactic Council took it upon themselves to make first contact and elevate them to full members of their new galactic community.  For seven centuries, an age of enlightenment grew across the galaxy.

Sadly, human nature being all too human, even this near millenium of peace was shattered.  Centuries of "diplomatic contact" had resulted in xenophiles, genespliced and even the occasional crossbreed that had diluted the human genepool so sharply that a faction of "true" humans rose and started attacking anything they considered less than human.  What started as a small cluster of terrorist attacks gradually grew in intensity until whole systems were in all-out conflict, a total galactic war that saw planets shattered and skies burnt and, for almost a decade, the galaxy attempted to tear itself apart until, eventually, there were no true humans left - humanity had eradicated itself, leaving the Galactic Council, for the first time, entirely filled with nonhuman species.

It is now the Earth year 2999, thirty seven years after the end of the Great Galactic War, and the Galactic Council are at the end of the rebuilding process, trying to move on from the darkest time in most of their species' history.  Earth-standard may be the universal rules, but it is time for the galaxy to stand on it's own...

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